Trillium CryoPlex CP8



Trillium’s Cryo-Plex 8 cryopump is a high quality cryogenic vacuum pump with proven two-stage cold head design (Gifford/McMahon principle) that captures water vapor and gasses at high pumping speeds, resulting in oil-free high and ultra-high vacuums. Cryo-Plex 8 can be configured to support a wide range of research and production applications and is an integral component of Trillium’s’ cryogenic high vacuum solutions.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Industry Standard Design: Ensuring quick and simple installation, exchange and upgrade so mission critical processes perform at peak efficiency with minimum downtime. Inlet flange configurations conform to ANSI, ISO and Conflat® specifications. Cryo-Plex 8 is easily interchangeable with other OEM cryopumps.
  • Flexible Configuration: Cryo-Plex 8 can be configured and accessorized to support a wide range of demanding research and production applications. It can be used in any mounting position for industry-standard or custom designs. Silicon diode or hydrogen-vapor-bulb (HVB) sensors measure temperatures at second stage to help control the regeneration process (dual diodes are also available).
  • Quality Manufacturing: Trillium US Inc. is committed to providing quality products that reliably meet the demanding requirements of our customers’ applications. We take a personal approach to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our Austin, Texas based manufacturing facility has been ISO 9001 certified for more than fifteen years.

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